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WALKABOUT Projection


WALKABOUT Projection by PRICKIMAGE allows thrilling pop-up performances just about anywhere using a HD mobile projection system. Projections can roam free outdoors or indoors with no need for cables or screens.

Our technology allows performers to project animated images using portable HD projector systems as they walk among the public at a broad range of events. The performers manipulate the projected images live, encouraging audience interaction using HDMI media players, game controllers and Kinect sensor from Xbox.

WALKABOUT Projection frees visuals from the static screen in a way that surprises and delights the onlooker, opening fresh dialogue between environment, narrative and perceptions.

WALKABOUT Projection was featured in Don't Think, the 2012 film of a live performance by Chemical Brothers. You can see clips of the technology in action in the film as well as other examples on our WALKABOUT Projection channel.

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